My Practice

A standard acupuncture session with me begins with a conversation where you’re invited to share your reason for coming in, and what has happened for you since we last met. At the initial session, we’ll spend more time conversing at the beginning, to allow me to become more familiar with your particular concerns and patterns.

When you’re ready, I’ll check your pulse and observe your tongue. These are key ways Chinese medicine practitioners feel and observe patterns in order to create a diagnosis. I may then palpate your channels to gain a deeper understanding of your structure. This will likely feel like a gentle massage on your arms and legs. Next, I’ll share what I’ve observed, and we’ll discuss how to proceed with the treatment. When using micropins, my approach is gentle and conversational: you always have choice about where they are inserted, and for how long.

The beauty of Chinese medicine is that there are many different ways to work with each pattern you’re experiencing. Your session may also include cupping, Chinese massage, and other indicated approaches that fall within my scope of practice.

Instead of diagnosing an isolated illness, I will work with you to gain insight into how the patterns of your body interact with various facets of your life, and with the broader contexts within which you live. Together, we will identify areas of disharmony, and I will support you to establish patterns that improve your sense of wellbeing. Like the broader world around us, we are constantly in flux, and so the practice of Chinese medicine is a dance: how you feel one day may be very different than how you feel the next, and so my approach in working with you will shift in relation to how you grow, change, and integrate your experience.